[A4] More control arm stuff

Richard Hurt rhurt at thepoint.net
Fri Jul 2 11:05:59 EDT 2004

My front end is thumping really badly now.  It's been about a year since 
it started and I am really tired of it.  And now that my tires are worn 
out from the misalignment, I am ready to replace it all.  I was thinking 
about waiting on this recall, but since there is no real evidence that 
it actually exists (i.e. Audi rep. confirming it) and no ETA on when it 
will happen, I think I am just going to use the ECS Tuning kit and 
replace the whole damn thing.

I'm not sure I want to go through the hassle of dealing with my dealer 
again over a recall.  Even then, what's the guarantee that the new Audi 
stuff is better than the original components?

One question though.  My anti-sway bar recently started groaning and I 
was wondering what I need to replace/repair to cure it.  Since I'll be 
doing the ECS upgrade anyway, I thought it would be a prime time to fix 
the groan as well.  Do I just need new bushings?  Nylon or OEM?  I read 
the report of the guy here that tapped them and fitted grease nipples, 
but I'm not sure I want to go through all that...  :)


Brandon Rogers wrote:

> I talked with my dealer contact a few days ago and he said that the recall
> was for something like a seal for the ball joints-The dealers would soon
> start doing inspections (20 minute process) and then make repairs as needed.
> He said Audi was in essence still gearing up for the recall- and was not
> actually doing the work _yet_ but fairly soon....or something to that
> effect.....
> Brandon
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>>I called Audi of America to substantiate this claim but they have no
> knowledge of this current recall. I would like to believe that it was true
> as my now clunking control arm needs to be replaced. I know they have been
> replaced once already during a previous campaign.
>>Is there any date on this recall notice or is it recent?
>>I have a '98 A4 1.8T -
>>Any insight would be greatly appreciated
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