[A4] Rebuilt 2.8l 12v? Mine is a write-off...

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon Jul 12 11:21:22 EDT 2004

>From Champagne's site:
"Our 1997 Audi A4 quattro has received our transplant of a 2.2 litre 5 cylinder 20 valve turbo. We 
are the first in the world to install this famous engine in a great handling Audi quattro."

We were the first in the world to install this engine in an Audi Quattro?
uhh.   I think that paragraph needs a little editing.  <grin>

There are plenty of "20v A4s running around"   The 1.8T is a 20 valve. <grin>

Still, your point is interesting.  Although the main reason Audi got rid of the 5 cylinder is that 
the engine is too long for crash protection purposes.  And before anyone chimes in with "Well Acura 
used a 5 cylinder engine...Volvo still uses a 5 cylinder engine.." both of those installations were 
transverse.  Audi sticking the entire engine in front of the axle means that the length of the 
engine is quite an engineering issue.

Personally, I love the Audi 5 cylinder...but I really don't like how the entire engine hangs so far 
forward of the front wheels.  Thinking of it that way makes the V8 seem just silly.

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> Champagne Motors in Denver recently transplanted a 2.2L 20V turbo into a B5
> A4 quattro sedan. They ran it in the 2004 Pikes Peak International
> Hillclimb.
> Not sure how much this would cost or how tight the fit is if you want to
> keep a stock look, but my bet is this engine is more reliable (and powerful)
> if built right than any of the 2.8L variants. Probably not many other 20V
> A4s running around either so it would be a neat setup if you plan on keeping
> the car a long time.
> See http://www.champagnemotors.com/news-1903.html
> - Alex
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