[A4] Rebuilt 2.8l 12v? Mine is a write-off...

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 16:45:08 EDT 2004

--- Brian White <brian at bjwhite.net> wrote:
> Sean, 
> I'd seriously contemplate getting the BBB involved
> in your plight.  It seems the mechanic has been 
> stringing you on intentionally to get more money, or
> is completely inept at their job.
> Seriously, get the BBB involved.  Seems the mechanic
> didn't do what they should have done.
> I wonder if the place has other complaints as
> well...which you can find out through the BBB
> (Better 
> Business Bureau)

http://www.bbb.org .. says that they (Poudre Sports
Car, Ent.) are a member of the BBB and as such have to
have a clean (no unresolved complaints) record.  This
doesn't mean they have zero complaints, just that they
satisfied their customer in the end.

This does not mean that you cannot get the BBB
involved, if in fact you feel that the shop is inept
or somehow responsible.  In fact, as members, they
HAVE to take care of you if you file a complaint.
Sweet, eh?

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