[A4] Wheel/Tire question....

Tim Hart timhart at hcis.net
Thu Jul 15 10:23:28 EDT 2004

I know you guys have probably done this one in the past but at the time I was not tuned in, so please don't be too upset with me for starting it again.
My soon to be 16 son (you has decided to drive the A4 as his car) would like to know about putting larger wheels on the '97 A4 Quattro 1.8t. Since it will be due for a new set of tires in a month or two and he has volunteered to pay for a new set of wheels (I buy the tires) I first wanted to get ya'lls experiences and advice on the best sizes and equipment to go with. We're not out for competition but good sporty looks and not to lose any handling or ride. The stock suspension is good for us. The typical questions are : how big a wheel? what size of tire on the new wheel? that stuff. We do a lot of our own work and are good mechanically, we are not west coast Jesse James mod type, not that there's anything wrong with that , I'm just trying to let ya'll know what we are looking for. Enough said, let the emails begin, please.
Tim Hart
Hart Applied Retail Technologies
timhart at hcis.net

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