[A4] check engine light

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Mon Jul 19 00:01:58 EDT 2004

At 03:58 PM 18/07/04 -0400, F550V12 at aol.com wrote:

>Had my check engine light come on in my 2000 2.8Q after a two hour highway 
>drive.  I stopped right before I arrived at my final destination and 
>filled up with BP gas 91 oct, and the light went on as soon as I restarted 
>my engine.  Do you think I got some bad fuel?  Any thoughts?  Car ran 
>normally on the trip home.

Find someone with a VAG-COM in your area and see what DTCs have been set.

There is a VAG-COM 'locator' somewhere on the Audiworld site.  I'm sure 
anyone on that list would be only too happy to assist.

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