[A4] o2 sensor

Richard Hurt rhurt at thepoint.net
Fri Jul 23 10:23:11 EDT 2004

What's the process for a 2.8 30v?


Brizax at aol.com wrote:

> its a pretty basic repair, its just a tight squeeze, youd need to 
> remove the air box "air filter and maf, then look down on the large 
> oval exaust pipe coming off the turbo, one sensor is up high one is on 
> the bottom right  "assuming you guys have 1.8t's" youll need a good 
> wrench, dont try and use an adjustable, i think its a 17mm but might 
> be wrong, if you go to pep boys or advanced auto etc they can scan 
> codes for free and tell you if its the pre or post cat o2 sensor, GL :)

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