[A4] K04 Group buy

sdewitt at stx.rr.com sdewitt at stx.rr.com
Wed Jul 28 15:39:17 EDT 2004


I am arranging a group by for the KKK K04 turbocharger. I want to gauge some interest before I proceed. Prices will be between 740 and 675 for the turbocharger only plus shipping to your door. Currently Borg warner is out of stock but can get a shipment from Germany in 8-12 weeks.

Please let me know if your interested, no money required yet.

I am also looking at some chip vendors and injector suppliers to make a complete kit. My initial estimates for the kit price will be around 1200-1300 depending upon the quantity. Large quantities 25+ will yield a hefty discount.

The K04 with chip will get your 1.8T into Stock S4 territory at 240-250 horsepower.


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