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JP jp at tulane.edu
Tue Jun 1 16:23:17 EDT 2004

>Subject: RE: [A4] Bouncy, squeek.........
>Mine too! I read somewhere about adding grease fittings? I have some
>fittings but appear too long and if I drill a hole they contact the joint

Here's a repost of a useful note from a fellow lister.  


>>> Igor Kessel <kbattpo at verizon.net> 4/4/2004 8:32:05 AM >>>
I have just installed grease fittings in the notoriously squeaky lower
control arms in my wife's car. I used the M6x1mm, 90° grease fittings from
McMaster (1105K76). They come in a package of 10.

The cap's thickness of the rear arm was 6.5mm, of the front one was 7.5mm.
The grease fitting thread was 6.5mm long so in the first case I used a small
metal washer to provide some extra clearance between the threaded portion
and the ball. I also put the Red Loctite on the thread. 
It's the one that provides a permanent seal.

The rear arm allows for drilling straight up. The front one is upside down,
so I elected to drill into it at a slight angle as to clear the hub housing.
I was successful in doing so w/o having to remove the control arm from the
car, thus I didn't need to do the alignment afterwards..

I used the bottoming M6 tap #3 since there is not much thickness in the
Aluminium material, and I didn't want to drill into the ball itself to
provide the extra depth for a regular pointy tap.

So far so good. It sure beats replacing the 4 lower control arms to the tune
of $300/ea and doing a $125 alignment after that.

FYI folks, Pep Boys sells 90° grease fittings with the 0.25" thread. I am
not sure about the pitch, but given the choice I would recommend the finer
I didn't buy those fittings and chose the metric ones from McMaster instead
because I hardly have any non-metric tools in my garage, much less
non-metric taps and dies.

I am CC:ing the biturbo list coz both the B5 S4 and the B5 A6/Allroad cars
have the same multi-link suspension.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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