[A4] A4 exterior door trim replacement

Toby Hamson tobyhamson at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 15:00:24 EDT 2004

I just replaced one which fell of my 98 1.8T A4Q.
$21 for the rear, $26 for front. The front was hanging off also, and i glued
it back on with a glue gun. but I dont expect it to last.
Bad design basically.

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> The stupid black exterior trim pieces at the bottom of all 4 doors are
starting to fall off. It appears the clips are good, but the trim is rotten.
I had heard that this trim was prone to early failure. I would consider it
early as my car is a 98.5 with only 80K miles.
> Although it appears straightforward, any BTDT, tips, hint, tricks,
experiences, etc. with regard to replacing the trim would be most
> Thanks!
> Scott T.
> 98.5A41.8Tqm
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