[A4] A4 exterior door trim replacement

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Mon Jun 7 15:27:48 EDT 2004

At 06:08 PM 07/06/04 +0000, rocketscienceracing at comcast.net wrote:

>The stupid black exterior trim pieces at the bottom of all 4 doors are 
>starting to fall off. It appears the clips are good, but the trim is 
>rotten. I had heard that this trim was prone to early failure. I would 
>consider it early as my car is a 98.5 with only 80K miles.

Ha!  That's nothing.  I had the bottom trim replaced on my 'ex' 98.5, under 
warranty, less than 3 years old.

>Although it appears straightforward, any BTDT, tips, hint, tricks, 
>experiences, etc. with regard to replacing the trim would be most appreciated.

No personal BTDT, but I noticed signs of the dealer's mechanic having to 
drill out at least one of the retaining screws on the inside of the leading 
edge of the doors.  Expect rust!  IIRC, once the front screw is out the 
trim slides off towards the rear of the door.   If the trim is really bad, 
the rubber may separate from the metal insert that is attached to the 
clips, which may actually make things easier.

>Scott T.

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