[A4] wheel bearing..

Jon Spreha delta9 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 10:55:32 EDT 2004

I think I have a dying/dead wheel bearing.   I have a 2001 1.8tq A4 w/
53k on the odometer.

I get a sound that sounds like a tin can with rocks inside, tumblng as
I drive.  I thought at first that it might be my suspension or a
control arm issue, but I noticed that it is constant even on a flat
surface.  It is kinda hard to hear, I only hear it when there is
something for the sound echo off of (when crossing a bridge with a
concrete barrier, etc).

 Does this sound like something that might be a wheel bearing, since
the car is out of warranty, I would like ot have an idea about what it
is before I take it in and they claim to find x,y and z items that
could be causing the noise.  I got an ballpark figure of $150 for the
wheel bearing replacement from an independent wellknown VW shop here
in the area (Central PA).

FYI:  this is my first email to the list from my new gmail account.



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