[A4] Mirror replacement reimbursed!

Greg Ruccio gregruccio at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 07:09:54 EDT 2004

For those whose side-view mirror glass is delaminating, good news.


I brought my 97 a4 1.8tq to my local body shop for a spring cleaning (dings
taken out, scratches removed, etc.) and asked him to also replace the glass
in the side view mirrors because they have delaminated to the point where
they are useless. He suggested I call my insurance agent and see if
replacement would be covered under my glass replacement policy. So I called
and they are covered!! Since our "friends" at Audi won't cover this defect,
glad insurance will. 




P.S. If you call your insurance agent to cover this, make sure you phrase it
as if the glass is broken/non-functioning. Don't tell them it just looks

P.P.S. Still cannot find someone else to cover the cost of the lower door
trim that has rusted off, so I am having that replaced also.



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