[A4] Rear Wing Brake Light

rocketscienceracing at comcast.net rocketscienceracing at comcast.net
Wed Jun 16 11:42:58 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Thanks to all your help I easily replaced my lower door trim last night. It was convenient that it was completely rotten inside, as I had to use a pair of pliers to carefully twist each one off of the hopelessly stipped out screw inserts.

Anyway, now I have this deep desire to fix the last thing that's broken on the car, which is the LED rear brake light that is in the middle of the factory rear wing. Yeah, yeah, why the heck do I have that stupid wing anyway :-) I wouldn't have ordered that option myself but it was on the car when I bought it used, so don't blame me :-)

The light sprung a leak and fried. There's quite a bit of corrosion in there so I imagine it had been leaking for some time. The amount of corrosion is such that I'd rather replace it instead of repair it. I would take the entire wing off but that would leave some holes in my trunk lid, so that's not really an option either.

If anyone's got a line on a used spoiler, any color, or the LED light assembly out of one (which is all I need) it would be great. 



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