[A4] Rear Wing Brake Light

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 12:53:03 EDT 2004

Not sure I've ever seen that spoiler, Scott.... Sure is a lot of corrosion on your car for it being only 6 years old..... makes me worry a little......
Dan D
'04 A4 1.8T q MT-6
Central NJ USA

rocketscienceracing at comcast.net wrote:

Hi all,

Thanks to all your help I easily replaced my lower door trim last night. It was convenient that it was completely rotten inside....

The light sprung a leak and fried. There's quite a bit of corrosion in there so I imagine it had been leaking for some time. The amount of corrosion is such that I'd rather replace it instead of repair it. 

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