[A4] Rear Wing Brake Light

rocketscienceracing at comcast.net rocketscienceracing at comcast.net
Wed Jun 16 16:55:41 EDT 2004


Worry A LOT. Just kidding, actually. The truth is don't worry at all if you plan on trading it in after 2 years. As the buyer or leaser of a NEW Audi, you probably fit their primary demographic, and that demographic is almost always happy because they usually acquire new vehicles every 2 years. Audi engineering almost always stays perfect for that long.

Being somewhat more frugal, but desirous of an AWD car (not SUV, etc.), I bought the Audi when it was 2 years old. I'm paying the emotional price, but I don't mind TOO much. Audi doesn't plan for or care about the likes of me.

BTW, only the door trim was rotten. The door itself is just fine. This is just one of a long list of known issues regarding Audi longevity, including: bearings, control arms, cruise control switches, trip computer displays, oil leaks, various other leaks, timing belts, air bag connectors and sunroof tracks.

If I had to do it all over again I would have had done a frame-up restoration of my old 94 Talon AWD including a 400HP motor. I miss that car.


P.S. Still looking for a rear wing brake light assembly...

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