[A4] Advice anybody...

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Jun 25 12:50:43 EDT 2004

Other than a potential software issue, you might want to check the WGFV
(wastegate frequency valve).  I would try two things, first just unplug it
and see what happens- you should see lower boost because with it unplugged
the WG is relying solely on the wastegate spring to stay closed.  Next I
would swap in a known good WGFV- borrow from a friend or something if
possible.  Other than that..I don't know.

Good luck

'98 A4
'84 urq 20V

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> Fellow A4 owners. I am asking for some advice/help. Last weekend a friend
> and I took the front of the car off and replaced all the braided vacuum
> with silicone hose, replaced the tt diverter valve with a nice shiny forge
> diverter valve (very nice...) and also put in one of those polymer intake
> manifold gaskets..and it was all pretty straightforward. Why would I do
> you ask? Well apart from having fun and getting my hands dirty, I've been
> having over boost issues, whereby intermittently, wide open throttle would
> cause pressure levels of over 20 psi and make the car shudder a bit (not
> good). It does not do this in stock mode, only chipped mode (APR stage 1).
> The guys at APR suggested a vacuum leak and I concurred, but now I'm
> beginning to suspect that perhaps the waste gate on the turbo might be at
> fault. Any body else have any ideas?
> Many thanks,
> Nick
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