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--- "Bradley, Warren" <Warren.Bradley at wwecorp.com>
>Things such as locking the
> doors at a certain
> speed and unlocking when the car is shut off.  My
> question is are these
> actually do-able?  If so, how do I go about getting
> the dealer to do
> them for me?  What other things are there I can do
> through the key fob?

There are additional features that can be programmed
(windows, sunroof opened) through the remote.  The
auto-door locking feature is done on the onboard
computer through the dealer or VAG-com/ProDiag type
software tools.  We were only able to convince the
dealer to code the onboard computer to do the
auto-door lock feature (for free anyway).  Check out
http://ross-tech.com and
http://www.shadetreesoftware.com for details on these
tools.  There are a number of forums that deal with
these tools too ... that will likely touch on all the
"stuff" you can do.

If your dealer can't/won't do these things, try a
local Audi tuner shop or perhaps a good independent.

I understand, however, that some features are a trade
off ... you get this, you lose that.

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