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michael pagano mvp12547 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 26 07:51:48 EDT 2004

I have owned both a 1.8T and a 2.8. Neither was really a headache but the 2.8 required more repair and seemed to have more chronic problems.Within the first 30K on the 2.8 I had wheel bearing failure, a radiator replacement, water pump/tensioner replacement, valve cover gaskets replaced, control arm failures. Within the next 30K I again lost a wheel bearing, more valve cover gaskets and more control arms as well as a cruise control unit. There were various smaller items and fortunately all were covered under warranty. As far as the 1.8, I just sold it with 50K on it, there were no major problems outside of a air bag light issue, an oil temp sensor replacement, a failed water pump at about 16K, and a replaced head unit on the stereo. The 1.8 had more frequent routines but I found it to be far less trouble than the 2.8. FYI, the 2.8 was a 97QM sedan, the 1.8 was a 00 Avant M. The 2.8 is prone to oil leaks, nothing serious, just annoying. I understand that is more of an issue with the
 30V such as you are considering. It also shows up as a chronic problem on the V6 Passat. I absolutely enjoyed both of my A4s, but totally preferred the 1.8 to the 2.8. Both are quiet and comfortable. I found the 2.8 to be too quiet for my taste and I am not really into luxury touches and the additional electronic features that will fail on the more highly appointed 2.8. Either way, check them both out and get the one you and the wife prefer. Have fun. BTW, I think its pretty difficult to fudge the speedos but not impossible. Judge the character from whom you will purchase and always check the service history from the owner and from the dealer records.

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