[A4] Rear suspension clunk/rattle

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 27 23:28:33 EDT 2004

Hi all, 

I recently had Stasis Tracksport coilovers installed on my S4, and it's been great so far.  That is until 2 days ago, when I started hearing clunking/rattling coming from the rear when I drove over bumps, mostly on the driver side.  The noise isn't that bad, normally I can't hear it with the windows closed, but when they're opened, you can definitely hear it.

I did a search in the AW archive and looked through the coilovers install tech article, seems like the most probable cause are the 4 bolts attaching the rear shock tower to the body are loose.  Well I checked them this afternoon and they're all tight and I re-torqued them to 41 ft-lb for good measure.  I test drove afterwards, and the rattle/clunk is still there, right when the rear wheels go over the bumps.

Can anyone enlighten me on what else can it be?  My car's still under warranty, but since I have aftermarket suspension, I think the dealer will use it against me and relate all suspension stuff to the Stasis coilvers.

Thanks in advance and I really appreciate the input.

'01.5 S4
'90 CoupeQ

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