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Joel Landsverk jlandsverk at jjkeller.com
Tue Jun 29 13:15:46 EDT 2004

I would say that mine have worn prematurely.   I have 99 A4 1.8tq Avant
- first set of ball joints failed at approximately 35k miles ( maybe
2-2.5 years), and the second set has been clunking since about 80k
miles, or 6 months ago.  Both I consider premature.  Less than 100k on a
ball joint is premature if you ask me.  I've had Toyotas with millions
of miles that never needed ball joints.  

I think sometimes we grow accustomed to making repairs to these fickle
cars just because we love them.  I love the cars, period.  But, as an
example, I hate replacing door molding on an otherwise great looking,
and relatively new car.  This one in particular pisses me off, because
Audi knows all about this, so do owners of any of their older cars.  It
can't be that hard to get it right.  IF I'm supposed to consider it a
wear item, then they should price the replacements like wear items; like
tires and batteries.

I'm off my soapbox.  I'm just irritated that it's always something with
these cars.

99 A4 1.8tq Avant
96 A6 2.8q Avant

>>> "Brian White" <brian at bjwhite.net> 6/29/2004 11:44:19 AM >>>
Define prematurely?

If you have 80,000 miles but have a 1997 A4, then that's 7 years
not premature.

Some people tend to hang onto that mileage thing and not on the age
Ball joints tend to be an age wear out item as much as a mileage wear

So it depends on what you mean by prematurely.

If you have a 2001 A4 with 40k on it, I'd say that's premature.
If you have a 2001 A4 with 140k on it, I'd say that's not.

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> Hey guys-
> Curious-
> does anybody know if, in general, all the control arms on these cars

> are wearing out prematurely, or is it just one specific piece that 
> always wears out?  I'm contemplating just going ahead and getting 
> that whole ECS Tuning kit and being done with it, but that sounds 
> excessive _if_ just one arm is wearing out and all others last a 
> long time.....
> Also, along these lines, any suggestions for isolating the worn 
> part?  I was thinking of putting the front on ramps and turning the 
> wheels slightly while somebody is under here to look/feel/listen for

> the worn component.
> Has anybody on the list installed the whole control arm kit-any 
> advice? pitfalls?
> much appreciated-
> Thanks-
> Brandon 
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