[A4] More control arm stuff

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 15:08:38 EDT 2004

i know all vw's  gti-golf-jetta years from like 95-99 had problems with all 
the door trims falling off and being lost, try that one! 
Absolutely right! That is exactly why my A4s are history. Loved them both but 
they weren't so special to me that I would put up with that crap control arm 
reliability as well as a myriad of other odd replacement items,door trim as 
one, that I just never experienced with my other cars, all German. Now, if they 
were rockets out of the box combined with the detail and finish they have, 
that would be another story but alas, most of them are slugs unless modded to 
some degree.


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