[A4] Control Arm, etc.

David Kaiser David.Kaiser at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 29 17:04:11 EDT 2004

I am a new Audi owner (as of Feb. 2003) and have had one problem with my 
2003 A4 3.0 Avant (with sports suspension and 17 inch all season z-rated 
Dunlop SP 5000 tires). The car has just over 14,000 miles. The problem 
may be related to the “control arm” discussion or an earlier discussion 
on a noise from the steering column. Here is the problem. Starting at 
5,500 miles, a very loud groaning noise occurred intermittently, but 
frequently, when the car was not moving and the steering wheel was 
turned to the left from the right/far right. The noise never occurs 
turning from left to right. The groaning noise is loud enough to be 
heard outside of the car, several cars away, and inside the car the 
groaning noise is so load that you think the wheels are being torn off. 
Usually the groaning noise occurs after the car has been driven. At 
5,700 miles, my dealer replaced the Power Steering Pump. However, the 
loud groaning noise continued to occur with the same frequency. At mile 
6,300, the dealer replaced the Steering Rack. That seemed to work for a 
while. However, at 8,000 miles, the same groaning noise returned. My 
dealer, again after consulting the Audi Tech Line, replaced the 1.10 
Power Steering Return Hose. This seemed to do the trick. However, 
several weeks later the groaning noise returned once or twice, but this 
time the dealer was not able to duplicate the noise and made no further 
repairs. The groaning noise did not return for several months. However, 
since March 2004, the groaning noise has occurred on five occasions 
(this is with much, much less frequency). I have notified Audi and they 
are looking into it further. Anyone have any thoughts on this problem? 
BTW, aside from this problem and the lack of useful cup holders, I love 
this car! Thanks, David

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