[A4] MIL Indicator

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Wed Mar 3 11:00:41 EST 2004

Read the owner's manual on how to use your trip computer.  You set a speed 
warning indicator.

The check engine light is not something with the onboard diag screen but 
something with the OBDII system...most likely something emissions related.

You'll need someone with a VAG-COM, HEX-COM, or any of the VWAG code 
readers to find what the car is complaining about.
My 2000 car came on recently, it was a simple $5 issue with a broken vacuum 
line and a missing bolt on the secondary air combination valve.

At 07:54 2004-03-03, you wrote:
>My 2002 A4 1.8MT (61,000 miles) has the check engine
>light in the dash lit up.  Car seems to be running
>fine, gas cap is secure (light has been on for a few
>days now and through a fill up).  When I pressed the
>"check" button on the dash, I get a "beep" and a
>message appears in the dash that has an MPH in a
>circle with a superscript "1" on the left side of the
>circle??  Any clues to what I am dealing with?

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