[A4] inverter blew cig lighter?

Stephen Lau steve at grommit.com
Thu Mar 4 20:26:43 EST 2004

Should be in the aft portion of your hood, close to the windshield
behind the little insulated wall thing.  It should have a little cover
on it that may be making it less than obvious that it's a battery. :)


On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 06:20:29PM -0700, nancy tubbs wrote:
> I forgot to mention I have a 2000 A4 2.8Q.  I was wondering about the battery in case I need to use this inverter in an emergency, or so I could provide a jumpstart to someone.  If it's a pain to get to the battery, no problem, I was just wondering where it was.
> Thanks again,
> Nancy
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> >Subject: [A4] inverter blew cig lighter?
> >Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:04:32 -0700
> >I bought a 400 watt inverter, that I could plug into my cigarette lighter and then plug my laptop into.  Today I tried it out and I think it wrecked my cigarette lighter.  
> >
> >Any suggestions, ideas?  Thanks!
> >
> >Sequence of events:
> >1) Cig lighter working, powering cell phone charger (green light on).
> >2) Hooked up wires to inverter, plugged inverter into cig lighter (power switch was on if that matters). 
> >3) No power comes through inverter, no light, nothing.  Turned inverter on and off.  Turned car power and engine on and off. Nothing.
> >4) Cig lighter not working, no power to cell phone charger, no light.  Everything else seems fine.
> >
> >This inverter can also be used by hooking the cables directly to the battery, which I thought I would try to see if the inverter itself was broken.  Um, why can't I find the battery?  Obviously I'm not a car expert - help!
> >
> >Thanks very much,
> >Nancy
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