[A4] RE: a4 inverter blew cig lighter?

Andy Hellmann a65l at cox.net
Sat Mar 6 07:20:57 EST 2004

On 4 Mar 04 Nancy wrote:

And yes, the battery is right where you said it was - the +/- symbols should have been a tipoff.  People like me shouldn't be allowed to drive nice cars like these.

There's hope for you yet...  you're willing to try and learn something about your car, so you can't be all bad.....

I used to hang around with a guy who would take his car back to the dealer to have windshield washer fluid filled.  That's bad.  And no not under Audi Total care, either!

"A little nonesense now and then
is treasured by the wisest men"

Andy Hellmann
VA Beach VA

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