[A4] Keyless entry

Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Tue Mar 30 11:16:17 EST 2004

Westyman wrote:

> One of my A4's has the remote opener, and I recently bought a couple spare
> openers for the other car, which I am not sure has the keyless entry. How do
> I determine of it does in fact have that feature, or do all A4's have it? If
> it should, what is the programming procedure for the remotes? Thanks.

AFAIK the keyless entry was standard on all '97 forward cars. Check the 
audiworld.com tech for the procedure. Failing that, I can send you the 
UrS6 procedure from my archive, which I used to make the wife's A4 
switch-blade remote talk with my UrS6, and vice versa just for the hell 
of it (to prove a point actually). I might need some time to find it tho...

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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