[A4] estimates for 60k+tb+etc.

Stephen Lau steve at grommit.com
Tue Mar 30 17:42:43 EST 2004

So I've decided doing that oil servicing isn't really worth it based
on the input given by everyone else here.

Everyone I've talked to has quoted me around $1000 for the timing
belt+water pump.
	DM Motors in Palo Alto quoted $1000
	Carlsen Audi (the Audi dealership) quoted $1200-$1500
	New Dimensions quoted "close to $1000"
	European Auto Works quoted $850

Anyone else have any other recommendations for places to get the
timing belt & water pump replaced for less than $850?

It's looking like I'll probably go to European Auto Works for the
timing belt+pump, and possibly do my 60k service at New Dimensions.


On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 08:00:25PM +0000, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>    Steve, the 60K service at an Audi dealership would cost around 300 dollars
>    (it does at mine) and that in my opinion is a tad high. Check out
>    www.audiusa.com and look at what they do at each service interval and
>    you'll see there's nothing much significant. The transmission is a sealed
>    system (quattro) and needs no routine maintenance to my knowledge. As the
>    1.8T is an interfernce engine, the timing belt is worth replacing at 60K
>    (especially if you're using an old tensioner) and it takes quite a bit of
>    labour to do this job (I've done it myself), so 505 dollars seems
>    reasonable, but once you've done all you need to to get to the timing
>    belt, the water pump is right there and takes an extra 20 minutes, costs
>    around 100 dollars, so 350 seems high. All in all 1525 is a pretty steep
>    figure if you want my opinion...
>    HTH, Nick
>     hey guys, I talked to European Auto Works in Mountain View (Bay Area) to
>    get an estimate of what I need to get done at 60k. They recommended the
>    following: 60k service - $520 oils (driveline, transaxle, transfer case,
>    etc.) - $100-$150 timing belt - $505 water pump - $350 this adds up to
>    about $1525. what do you guys think? is this a good price or not? cheers,
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