[A4] Torn boots....

Andy Hellmann a65l at cox.net
Tue May 4 20:39:40 EDT 2004

Well, went in and replaced the torn boot on my front drive axle today.  I'm sure I've done easier boots, but can't remember when.  Only real hard part was finding teh triple square bits to remove the bolts that hold the axle to the output flange on the transmission.   The boot kit included a new bolt, grease and the clamps.  It was the newer style boot, made of a harder plastic than the old rubber boots.  I did have to remove the two top links from the suspension to pivot the kingpin out enough to remove the axle, but that was probablly the hardest part of the whole evolution.  Once the axle was out, I used the old axle retaining bolt (the big one that holds the axle to the front hub) to push the axle out of the cv joint.  Audi calls for a special puller, but the bolt worked fine.  I have the solid axles, that don't have teh snap ring.  I hadn't lost very much grease at all, so after adding some and filling the boot,  I reassembled everything.  I replaced the circlip on the axle and teh spring washer with the new ones from the boot kit.  I had to tap the outer CV joint back onto the shaft with a rubber mallet, but still no big deal.  When it came to securing teh clamps, I had a problem. Audi calls for a special tool, I usually just use a pair of end cutters, but they weren't up to the task.  I wound up using two screwdrivers and a hammer, bracing one screwdriver against the ground, and tapping on the other one to collapse the clamp around teh boot.  It worked, not great, but it worked.  Then the axle was reinstalled, and the biggest problem of all.. I couldn't get my torque wrench in to tighten the fasteners.  I snugged them all down as close as I could get, I'll just have to do it some other time when I have a longer extension and a universal.  Otherwise, a lot easier than I had expected.   Next up, replacing output oil seals in the rear diff....

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Andy Hellmann
VA Beach VA

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