[A4] Check Engine Light

Pbadore at aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Sun May 9 15:22:35 EDT 2004

If you do all your own maintenance you should buy diagnostic scan software.
Go to vw vortex and look for the technical forum for Ross-Tech. Their 
VAG-COM package is worth the money. I have not bought theirs yet because
I have a VAG1552 with updates.  The factory VAG 1552 scan tool is not 
available any longer and was expensive used (more than $1000.00). You should also buy 
the factory diagnostic booklet for your specific engine-not the Bentleys but 
the VW Audi factory publication.
An Audi A4 without any MIL lamps on ever is impressive and probably rare.
Peter Badore  
Many broken 2.8l V6 Audi engines. 

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