[A4] Rear brakes

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon May 17 12:48:04 EDT 2004

Sounds to me like your calipers were a tad rusty.

Mine screw back into place (with the special tool...) in about 10 seconds.
The design isn't bad, it sounds like either your car has issues or your 
tool had issues.

At 09:45 2004-05-17, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>Hey all-
>I replaced my rear pads yesterday and have to say I want to shoot the 
>engineer who designed that #$%&^%$## set up!!!  I had the special tool for 
>turning the piston to get it to recede.  After about 15 minutes turning on 
>the first piston with no progress, I decided to use my 18V Craftsman 
>cordless driver.  Bingo, within a couple minutes it went right in.  The 
>next side--wanted to break in the piston so rotated by hand a few 
>times.  Then started using the cordless driver, within a minute or so I 
>could smell burning and it turns out I burned out the motor.  great. It 
>took about 2 hours of rotating that $%#$%%&%% piston before it finally 
>Anybody know the supposed purpose behind this ridiculous design???  I 
>recently did my wife's E36 BMW in about 45 minutes combined - no rotating 
>piston-just used channel locks and compressed no sweat.
>So lame.
>'98 A4
>'84 urq

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