[A4] sticking climate control buttons

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Nov 7 13:47:40 EST 2004

The solution to the problem is to not drink sticky drinks in your car.  Syrup from juice, soda and 
even coffee can get back there and play havoc with the buttons.

You can remove the entire HVAC control panel and you can remove the faceplate that contains all the 
buttons and rinse it out with water and they'll come back.  Be careful removing and reinstalling 
the faceplate onto the control unit as the rubber contact points on the printed circuit board are 
very easy to damage.

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> Ive heard some people have had the same issue but i have noticed that a 
> few of the buttons on the climate control stick when i push them in and 
> it takes a while to become unstuck.  does anyone have a good solution 
> for the sticking buttons? its only a few buttons so its nothing major 
> but its a little obnoxious.
> Jeff
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