[A4] No warm-up...?

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Tue Nov 9 08:25:27 EST 2004

2001 A4 1.8tq

Hello all, I have a question for any one with an ansver...
With temeratures hovering around 0 C, I would expect the car to go into 
warm up stage.

When I start the car when it's cold the rpm is aroud 900...when it's 
warm it's a bit lower, however I remember about a month a go that when 
it was around 10 C the car would start up at higher rpm...I think it was 
more around 1200 rpm or some thing like that....

The car does not get a lot of use, .... my whife drives it 10km in the 
morning to get to work and another 10km to get back home. Could it be 
that the car just needs exersized by me :-).....heavy right foot.

Any comments and ideas regarding this will be greatly appreciated :-)


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