[A4] No warm-up...?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Nov 9 18:15:56 EST 2004

	ditto, i stay completely off the boost until she warms.

At 6:10 PM -0500 11/9/04, Brizax at aol.com wrote:
>maybe im wrong but, i have not heard of anyone have'n abnormal 
>sludge probs with the audi engines, the main thing imo is letting 
>the motor warm up before rev'n over 4k or so due to the oil is cold 
>and has not coated all the internals giving faster worn parts at 
>higher rpm, if you guys are worried about carbon, just run high 
>octane which you should be already anyway, also maybe run a fuel 
>treatment every 2-3 months, i personaly boost mine pretty good 
>everyday after the oil temps rise,
>At 3:08 PM -0700 11/9/04, Quincy Chiang wrote:
>>I'm not Joel, but basically when the engine can't get to full
>>operating temp all the time, moisture and carbon deposit start to
>>build up in the oil and the engine internals, causing the oil-sludge
>>problem.  Changing oil every 3K may be a little extreme, but you
>>should definitely use synthetic oil.
>     ah, OK.  i often use the car for tiny trips around SF, often
>low speed,no time to warm up.  i've been on mobil 1 since i went off
>dealer servicing.  i do those italian tune-ups though.
>     i'm probably selling my A4 soon anyway, and getting into a
>volvo XC70 or allroad.
>   Rocky Mullin

  Rocky Mullin 

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