[A4] Chipping & Pinging

Yee, Phil Phil.Yee at rainin.com
Mon Nov 15 16:47:52 EST 2004

Thanks everyone for the info.  Looking around, I think it's definitely time
to go with NGK - BKR6E's.  And yes, I've read .028 is right for chipped,
.028-.032 for stock hp.
Nicholas, what tri-tip plugs do you use? I've heard that tri tip plugs are
not a good option, as you cannot gap the tri tips. True?

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 > deffinatly throw in some copper plugs, think your spose to gap them to
.28? check vwvortex.com or audiworld.com . think i am running ngks, had em
in for at least 15k miles, no complaints here

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