[A4] Urq T-shirt

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Nov 22 16:03:26 EST 2004

It's been a couple weeks- just wanted to say that Thompson Smith is currently working on the art/design of the Urq t-shirt.

Hopefully a preliminary design will be available to look at soon.

At that point we'll get the pricing determined and start taking official orders.  I don't know the total costs yet and will need to do some figuring on how to handle shipping (I'll probably figure it conservatively and send any excess to Dan for his efforts with Audifans.com) - but I think we'll be right around $20/shirt.  Keep in mind this is a fairly small run of only about 125 shirts or so...  

 Will somebody please forward this the S-car List and anybody else who would be interested.

Stay tuned-

'84 ur
'98 A4

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