[A4] cleaning leather seats

GX26 at aol.com GX26 at aol.com
Sun Nov 28 21:33:27 EST 2004

Hi Audifans:

Last night I was at the local high school hockey game.  The arena is a little 
dirty and my luck I sat in some person's old gum.  Leaving the game, not 
realizing that I had sat in gum yet, I sit in my Audi A4.  I get out and there it 
is old gum all over my black leather seat. Anyway I was wondering how to get 
this off.  I tried a warm damp cloth and some pink dish soap for the gum mark.  
It worked awesome.  It did not do any damage to the leather. So I guess I am 
just posting this for anyone who has my same problem. A warm damp cloth and 
just a tiny drop of pink dish soap. Then rinsed the suds with another damp cloth 
and wiped it dry.


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