[A4] ECS front control arm set

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 14:08:33 EST 2004

Actually, my father and I installed this kit over the summer and I
took some photos did a little write up.  I have been meaning to post
it to somewhere (AudiWorld??) but haven't gotten the time (read: I'm
just lazy :).  If I remember, I'll try to post it somewhere.

If I remember correctly, it wasn't too difficult and the only
"special" tool that was handy was an air impact wrench.  It really
helped getting some of those really hard to move bolts off.  The one
problem area is the chassis bolt on the rear lower arm - boy was it a
b*tch to get to.  On one side is the underbody and on the other is
another piece of underbody.  Wow, I still don't know how we got that
one changed; I think we removed half of the undercoating to slide the
bolt past - it's *that* close in there.

Also, my kit was missing the front lower chassis bolts but I had an
extra set of the rear bolts (I think that's right).  So, we just
reused to old front lower bolts with the help of a little blue


BTW: In case you didn't realize; an alignment is REQUIRED after
completely swapping out the front end like this.  :)

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:52:49 -0800, Brian J White <brian at bjwhite.net> wrote:
> I know...funny I was just on their site looking at that kit.  $539 is a
> bargain...
> At 09:22 2004-11-29, Brandon Rogers wrote:
> >Guys-
> >Well I went ahead and popped for the ECS Tuning complete front control arm
> >setup with upgraded tie rods over the Holiday weekend and hopefully it
> >will be here by the weekend.  I'll be glad to not have to deal with a
> >loose front end for several years after this...
> >
> >So - does anybody who has done this project have any helpful tips?  Any
> >special tools needed other than the one needed to disconnect the tie rod
> >ends from the steering arm(I forget what it's called right now..)?
> >
> >PS ECS has a bunch of stuff on sale right now.  The CA kit was 10% off...
> >TIA-
> >
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