[A4] I some questions on a 03 a4 V6

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 3 14:48:54 EDT 2004

I think someone mentioned it already, but getting different wheels really changes the whole look of the car.  Plus you can always sell them separately when you sell your car.  An exhaust can give you a throatier sound it that's what you're after.  Here're a few mods that're pretty common and popular among A4/S4ers:

- Ecodes - not only do they not have the ugly amber reflectors, they also throw much better light pattern, even if you have xenons already.  The difference between my ex-A4 (North American spec OE xenon) and my S4 (xenon ecodes), both B5 btw, is huge.

- S4 door blades - European S4s come with black/dark grey door blades, some people like them better than the flush pieces on the A4.

- debadge the rear - keep people guessing if it's an 1.8t or 3.0 or even a S4!  Also helps when you detail and wax your car, don't need to worry about the spaces between the badges.

- Painting the lower black/dark grey trims to body colour

- short shifter

- bigger exhaust tips, if you don't want to shell out big bucks for an exhaust system and just the look of slight bigger tips.

- suspension - the B6 suppposedly handle much better than B5 (both with sport suspension), however some people wants more, plus the slightly lowered look doesn't hurt either.

As for engine building, I haven't read about anyone building up a 3.0 yet, but Stasis Engineering in the Bay Area races a B5-A4 with a "built" 2.8 12v engine in the Speedvision Touring car series.  I wouldn't touch the engine mainly due to warranty issues.


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Subject: [A4] I some questions on a 03 a4 V6

> Hi:
> I have a 2003 Audi A4 with the 3.0V6.  I have asked before about 
> performance 
> modifications and I know that the NA engine doesn't give the 
> results like the 
> turbo.  I guess I can live with this, but I would like to know if 
> there is any 
> cool stuff out there that I could "jazz" it up a little bit.  I 
> don't really 
> care what it is wheels, exhaust, etc., but I would like to give 
> the car my own 
> personal touch. Please let me know if anything comes to mind.
> I also would like to know if there is any such thing as 
> performance engine 
> building for Audi's.  I am kind of new to this email list so I am 
> just learning 
> from all the things I read.  I have been messing around with Chevy 
> V8's for a 
> long time but I would like to get more familiar with the Audi's. 
> If such a 
> engine project exists what would be a good place to start?  I 
> don't really care 
> if it is high performance or not, I would just like to learn what 
> makes an Audi 
> "tick".  Where is a good place to start?
> Thanks:
> Mike
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