[A4] share some pics

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Oct 3 19:14:29 EDT 2004

Here are pics of our Audi.
2000 A4 1.8T....manual, sport package, Xenons, Bose, Conv package.

We bought it in December 2002 with 47k on it.  Even though the miles were 
high, you almost couldn't tell the car wasn't brand new off the lot.   All 
keys, books, records, and window stickers were with the car....all work 
done at the dealer it came from in California....and it even still smelled 
new.   No signs of use were even in the cockpit.   It was owned by a 
salesman who turned it in at lease due.

It has 83k on it now.  It will need control arms, tie rods and shocks 
soon....otherwise the only maintenence we've done is the timing belt.
Other than the things I've done below, the only other thing I've done is 
modified the fog lamp relay to allow the fogs to stay on with the high-beams.


1st pic:  I ditched the terrible 00-01 sport package wheels as quickly as I 
could.  Replaced them with these 2002 sedan sport package wheels.

2nd pic:  I always hated the '"C-H" for coolant, the Unleaded Fuel Only' 
and the Farhenheit oil temp in the gauge cluster.  So I replaced those 
three gauges with European spec for Celcius in the coolant (replaces the 
C-H) and oil temp and removed the E-F Unleaded Fuel Only for a proper 1/1, 
1/2, R fuel gauge.

3rd pic:  Another annoyance with the US-Spec Audi is the fact that they all 
have red turn signals in the rear lamps.  This is easily solved by fitting 
a pair of European spec tail lights that look red when off, but blink a 
bright amber when lit.

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