[A4] share some pics

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Oct 3 19:28:24 EDT 2004

At 16:19 2004-10-03, Rocky Mullin wrote:

>         a lot like mine!  i actually had the non-red-stripe 1.8t logo
>on it but had the stripe one put on when i had work done on the back.
>i dunno to this day if that stipe is intended to differentiate models.

The red stripe on the 1.8T logo is for the 170hp 2001 models.   I just 
liked the way the red stripe looked on the silver car so I added it.  $14 
at the Audi dealer.

>i ordered mine new, with all available options and packages including
>GPS.  it's for sale now; i need a vehicle with adjustable pedals and
>towing capacity for my trailer.  i'd really like a three door mercedes
>g-wagen, but mileage is atrocious.  i'm looking at the nissan murano
>now, though i would prefer the infinity FX45.  almost walked out of
>the dealer last month with an allroad lease, but the movable pedals
>were a dealbreaker.  my fiancé is 5'1" and driving the A4, an airbag
>deployment would kill her.

Movable pedals?    You could always just install a disable/bypass switch on 
the airbag.
There are companies that sell exactly that.

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