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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 3 22:10:41 EDT 2004

Avants are cool, wish we got them (B5 avants) in Canada.  Btw, Canadian cars have the euro gauge cluster you upgraded to ;-)


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Date: Sunday, October 3, 2004 5:15 pm
Subject: Re: [A4] share some pics

> Here are pics of our Audi.
> 2000 A4 1.8T....manual, sport package, Xenons, Bose, Conv package.
> We bought it in December 2002 with 47k on it.  Even though the 
> miles were 
> high, you almost couldn't tell the car wasn't brand new off the 
> lot.   All 
> keys, books, records, and window stickers were with the car....all 
> work 
> done at the dealer it came from in California....and it even still 
> smelled 
> new.   No signs of use were even in the cockpit.   It was owned by 
> a 
> salesman who turned it in at lease due.
> It has 83k on it now.  It will need control arms, tie rods and 
> shocks 
> soon....otherwise the only maintenence we've done is the timing belt.
> Other than the things I've done below, the only other thing I've 
> done is 
> modified the fog lamp relay to allow the fogs to stay on with the 
> high-beams.
> http://www.bjwhite.net/brian/audi.html
> 1st pic:  I ditched the terrible 00-01 sport package wheels as 
> quickly as I 
> could.  Replaced them with these 2002 sedan sport package wheels.
> 2nd pic:  I always hated the '"C-H" for coolant, the Unleaded Fuel 
> Only' 
> and the Farhenheit oil temp in the gauge cluster.  So I replaced 
> those 
> three gauges with European spec for Celcius in the coolant 
> (replaces the 
> C-H) and oil temp and removed the E-F Unleaded Fuel Only for a 
> proper 1/1, 
> 1/2, R fuel gauge.
> 3rd pic:  Another annoyance with the US-Spec Audi is the fact that 
> they all 
> have red turn signals in the rear lamps.  This is easily solved by 
> fitting 
> a pair of European spec tail lights that look red when off, but 
> blink a 
> bright amber when lit.
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