[A4] I some questions on a 03 a4 V6

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 3 22:34:18 EDT 2004

Ecodes are european spec headlight housings.  There are a few version on the B6 cars, A4, S4, and the newer ones with bi-xenon (or xenon plus) headlights.  The main visual difference between North-American and Euro housings is that the euro ones do not have the amber reflectors, thus look much cleaner.  They also throw out a much better light pattern.  I have ecodes on my B5-S4, when compare them to my old b5-A4 which has OE North American xenon headlights, the difference is huge, here's proof:

Left - European spec
Right - North American spec (both have same wattage ballast and similar temp xenon bulbs)

You can see the euros are much more focused, and the light is whiter as well.

If you do get them, make sure to get the correct version (halogen or xenon), as the projector lens are designed for different application, ie) halogen ecode will disperse the light generated by xenon system badly, eventhough they are cheaper then xenon versions.



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> At 12:48 PM -0600 10/3/04, Quincy Chiang wrote:
> >
> >- Ecodes - not only do they not have the ugly amber reflectors, 
> they 
> >also throw much better light pattern, even if you have xenons 
> >already.  The difference between my ex-A4 (North American spec OE 
> >xenon) and my S4 (xenon ecodes), both B5 btw, is huge.
> 	never heard of those.  what are they?  what is the cost?
> >- debadge the rear - keep people guessing if it's an 1.8t or 3.0 
> or 
> >even a S4!  Also helps when you detail and wax your car, don't 
> need 
> >to worry about the spaces between the badges.
> 	i like having people know that my car that just smoked 'em is a 
> 1.8t :)
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