[A4] I some questions on a 03 a4 V6

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Oct 3 22:57:11 EDT 2004

	how much $?

At 8:34 PM -0600 10/3/04, Quincy Chiang wrote:
>Ecodes are european spec headlight housings.  There are a few 
>version on the B6 cars, A4, S4, and the newer ones with bi-xenon (or 
>xenon plus) headlights.  The main visual difference between 
>North-American and Euro housings is that the euro ones do not have 
>the amber reflectors, thus look much cleaner.  They also throw out a 
>much better light pattern.  I have ecodes on my B5-S4, when compare 
>them to my old b5-A4 which has OE North American xenon headlights, 
>the difference is huge, here's proof:
>Left - European spec
>Right - North American spec (both have same wattage ballast and 
>similar temp xenon bulbs)
>You can see the euros are much more focused, and the light is whiter as well.
>If you do get them, make sure to get the correct version (halogen or 
>xenon), as the projector lens are designed for different 
>application, ie) halogen ecode will disperse the light generated by 
>xenon system badly, eventhough they are cheaper then xenon versions.
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>>  At 12:48 PM -0600 10/3/04, Quincy Chiang wrote:
>>  >
>>  >- Ecodes - not only do they not have the ugly amber reflectors,
>>  they
>>  >also throw much better light pattern, even if you have xenons
>>  >already.  The difference between my ex-A4 (North American spec OE
>>  >xenon) and my S4 (xenon ecodes), both B5 btw, is huge.
>>	never heard of those.  what are they?  what is the cost?
>>  >- debadge the rear - keep people guessing if it's an 1.8t or 3.0
>>  or
>>  >even a S4!  Also helps when you detail and wax your car, don't
>>  need
>>  >to worry about the spaces between the badges.
>>	i like having people know that my car that just smoked 'em is a
>>  1.8t :)
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