[A4] share some pics

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Oct 4 22:43:23 EDT 2004

	someone should make one with two stripes on it, for the chipped folks.
i wonder if a 2001 ECU will work in a 2000 car.  "half chip" and probably a
little more stable to drive.

At 10:15 AM -0700 10/4/04, Dan DiBiase wrote:
>Quincy Chiang <b5quattro at shaw.ca> wrote:
>'2001 cars came with the red-stripe 1.8t logo due to having 170hp 
>instead of 150hp of the earlier cars. None of the B6 1.8t cars have 
>them because they all have 170hp.
>But some, like mine, have The Red T Mod....!
>Dan D
>'04 A4 1.8RedTq MT-6
>Central NJ USA

  Rocky Mullin 


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