[A4] ipod solutions?

Joel Landsverk jlandsverk at jjkeller.com
Mon Oct 25 12:16:28 EDT 2004

I know there is a kit out that turns the CD-Changer input on a stock head unit into a basic AUX input.  You unplug the changer at the back of the stereo, plug this adapter in, and then you can plug anything into it using the supplied, female RCA jacks.  To use that AUX input then, you just push the MODE button on the deck, or whatever you would normally push to get the changer.  I don't remember the cost, but it wasn't a lot.  If I can find them on the web I'll let you know.

>>> JeffR <p1nh3ad at comcast.net> 10/23/2004 3:43:07 PM >>>
Well i decided to not rip out my existing stereo and settle with the 
stock equipment on my 2000 1.8t  but now i just am wondering what other 
people have done about integrating an ipod into their a4's...if anyone 
has that is haha. well anyone with any input lemme know

i have found a number of posts on audiworld but i just am trying to get 
other people's input.

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