[A4] Bentley manual

JP jp at tulane.edu
Thu Sep 2 09:50:23 EDT 2004

When I was looking for one last year, the best I could do was $65-75 or so.
By the way, unless you know you don't want a paper manual, I would
investigate getting a paper manual.  The paper manual has more info than the
CD, but that's second hand knowledge.  I can tell you that the CD doesn't
even have maintenance schedules.  It's seems to be fairly bare bones.


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> Does any one know where I can get the CD version (cheap)... (A4 2001)
> Ebay has them but for $65.....I got the manual for my 90CQS for $10 on
> ebay too so 65 seems stiff !
> thanks
> all your help appreciated
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