[A4] weird noise

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Sep 16 18:55:37 EDT 2004

	when i start off in first gear, i hear from under the car a
combination squeak/grind/scrape sound.  it sounds drivetrain to me.
doesn't happen in reverse, only for a second or so when i am taking
off from a stop, 1st or 2nd great (can't start in third of course!)

	thoughts?  it's under warranty, so it'll be something that
i have done right away since i am selling the car (also the airbag
light came on).

	BTW i posted it to the site - probably the most loaded 1.8t
you'll ever find - all options.  it's a 2000 so it has xenon and GPS.

  Rocky Mullin

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