[A4] performance modifications for a 2003 V6

GX26 at aol.com GX26 at aol.com
Wed Sep 22 22:26:24 EDT 2004

Dear Audifans:   

I have owned a 2003 Audi A4 Quattro for about a year now and I am thinking 
about making some performance upgrades. The car as of now is completely stock, 
it has a 6-speed manual gearbox, I run 92-octane gasoline in it, and use Mobil 
1 OW-40 oil in it.  I have been shopping around for a while and there is so 
many things out there I am getting confused. There are a few companies right now 
that offer exhaust systems. The ones I have found so far are Remus, Borla, 
and Neuspeed. Are these systems going to make a difference for me? If so, which 
is the best one? Another upgrade I have noticed is computer chips.  I have 
heard two different things about chips.  I have heard that they boost performance 
and I have heard don't bother with a naturally aspirated engine.  Which one 
is correct? If a chip is the way to go, what company should I go with? I have 
also noticed air intake upgrades.  I have also heard a few things about this 
subject.  Some people say Audi already has a good intake system and to just run 
a K&N filter. Some say a K&N filter is a waste of time. Some say to get rid of 
the whole system and get a different intake system.  Who is right? If anybody 
out there has any recommendations on what I should look at doing please right 
back to me.  I have noticed people on other makes of vehicles running 
different serpentine pulleys, but I haven't found any for my application. I found 
some for a 2.8 V6 but I am not sure if they transfer over. If they do transfer 
over, are pulleys a good idea? Please send me any suggestions. 

Thank You


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