[A4] performance modifications for a 2003 V6

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 23 00:51:31 EDT 2004

Hi Mike,

Here's my take on mods...

On normally aspirated (NA) engines, most bolt on mods only give you small gain, no exception for exhaust system.  If I were to upgrade it would be mostly for a little deeper and throatier sound, any gain that can actually be felt would be a bonus.

I've had a K&N panel filter (direct stock replacement) in my '90 CoupeQ (NA 2.3 20v 5-cyl engine for over a year, when I replaced that with a stock paper element filter, I felt absolutely no difference in performance, they even sound the same.  There're also independent studies that show while K&N filters (and other oil type aftermarket filters) permit more air flow initially (not by much), as times goes by they start to clog up whereas OE paper filters flow consistent amount of air throughout its life.  Also they tend to let more dirt and particles through as well, dirt in engine is not good.  So yeah direct replacement filters are a waste of time IMHO.

Cone filters are generally constructed the same as K&N thus don't get my vote either.  I've read a cheap and effective way is to cut holes out of the lower stock air box to allow more air in.  I haven't done that myself and can't comment much, but at least you retain the stock filter.

Without a turbo to tell it to run more boost, chips can't do much on NA engines.  It can advance timing to give you more power, but it can only advance so much before it's retarded at the onset of knock (or pinging).  Plus now you can really void your warranty with any engine computer modification, what for maybe 5-10 hp that you likely can't feel anyways?  I once drove another guy's CoupeQ with a chip in it, it didn't feel any faster.  He even had a Stebro exhaust system on it!

If you're serious about power, your only option is to supercharge it.  I'm not sure if a kit is out yet, but it'll be $$$.  Sorry to disappoint you Mike!


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Subject: [A4] performance modifications for a 2003 V6

> Dear Audifans:   
> I have owned a 2003 Audi A4 Quattro for about a year now and I am 
> thinking 
> about making some performance upgrades. The car as of now is 
> completely stock, 
> it has a 6-speed manual gearbox, I run 92-octane gasoline in it, 
> and use Mobil 
> 1 OW-40 oil in it.  I have been shopping around for a while and 
> there is so 
> many things out there I am getting confused. There are a few 
> companies right now 
> that offer exhaust systems. The ones I have found so far are 
> Remus, Borla, 
> and Neuspeed. Are these systems going to make a difference for me? 
> If so, which 
> is the best one? Another upgrade I have noticed is computer chips. 
> I have 
> heard two different things about chips.  I have heard that they 
> boost performance 
> and I have heard don't bother with a naturally aspirated engine.  
> Which one 
> is correct? If a chip is the way to go, what company should I go 
> with? I have 
> also noticed air intake upgrades.  I have also heard a few things 
> about this 
> subject.  Some people say Audi already has a good intake system 
> and to just run 
> a K&N filter. Some say a K&N filter is a waste of time. Some say 
> to get rid of 
> the whole system and get a different intake system.  Who is right? 
> If anybody 
> out there has any recommendations on what I should look at doing 
> please right 
> back to me.  I have noticed people on other makes of vehicles 
> running 
> different serpentine pulleys, but I haven't found any for my 
> application. I found 
> some for a 2.8 V6 but I am not sure if they transfer over. If they 
> do transfer 
> over, are pulleys a good idea? Please send me any suggestions. 
> Thank You
> Mike
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