[A4] Will an A6 radio fit/work in an A4?

Ray Boyce rayboyce at comcast.net
Wed Apr 6 14:42:01 EDT 2005

Hey all.

The Symphony (ver. "I") head unit in my 2000 A4 1.8T Avant has developed a
problem - the CD player no longer works. So, I'm trying to find a used
(working) on in a junkyard or on eBay (ugh).

Anyway, my question is - will a Symphony I radio from an A6 fit in my A4?
Visually, they appear to be exactly the same, but Audi assigns them
different part numbers (4BO 035 195 A for the A6 radio, 8DO 035 195 A for
the A4). And if they are in fact different, could I just remove the plastic
faceplate on my current radio and use that with an A6 head unit?

I ask these questions because I'm finding a lot more Symphony haad units
from A6's than A4's.

Thanks in advance,


Ray Boyce
rayboyce at comcast.net

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